Central Institute for Archives and Book Pathology (ICPAL)

Last updated: 6/04/23

An institute specializing in activities of restoration, conservation, and research on archival and library materials, as well as in training, performed at the school operating within it.

The current institute was created in 2007 by a merger between the Institute of Book Pathology (founded in 1938 by Alfonso Gallo) and the Centre for Photo Reproduction, Bookbinding, and Restoration of State Archives (created in 1963 at the Ministry of the Interior).

The institute therefore combines two entities with very different origins, histories, and reference contexts, each bearing its own values and operational traditions, both excellent in the field of restoration of archival and library holdings, as evidenced by several significant projects, both in Italy and abroad.

The institute’s strategic objectives include the promotion and sponsorship of archival and library holdings, through initiatives and projects in collaboration with national and international institutes working in this field, as well as the organization and participation in exhibits, conferences, and seminars.

School of Higher Education and Study

A school of higher education and study is connected to the institute, which issues a diploma equivalent to a Master’s degree. The diploma also enables its holder to the profession of Cultural Heritage Restorer in Professional Training Path n.5, which involves:

  • Book and archival materials
  • Paper and parchment artefacts
  • Photographic, cinematographic and digital material.

Dott.ssa Aurora Raniolo


Headquarters: via Milano 76, 00184 Rome

Tel: (+39) 06.48291.1

Email: ic-pal@cultura.gov.it

certified email: mbac-ic-pal@mailcert.beniculturali.it

website: http://www.icpal.beniculturali.it/

Higher Education and study website: http://www.saf-icpal.beniculturali.it/