International Activities

Last updated: 12/04/24

The International Activities of the Directorate General for Education, Research, and Cultural Institutes are carried out within the framework of the authority assigned by the Prime Minister’s Decree on 2 December 2019, n. 169, article 15.

In the European and international arena, the Directorate:
  • promotes educational and research initiatives in the field of cultural heritage and activities, also through the collaboration with public and private entities and European and international research institutions. It fosters and promotes the participation, also in partnership with other public and private institutions, in calls for access to European and international funds.
  • sees to the promotion of knowledge of cultural heritage, locally, nationally, and internationally, through specific integrated information campaigns, with reference to specific areas or cultural routes, the definition and contents of which are determined in agreement with the competent Directorates General and the offices which the various institutes and places of culture involved in promotional initiatives are entrusted to. Information campaigns may also cover institutions and places of culture relevant to other entities, public or private, with the agreement of those concerned.
  • collaborates with Institutes of Italian Culture abroad in order to promote knowledge of the country’s cultural heritage.

The Directorate has relationships with entities and institutes operating internationally to carry out study, research, and training activities in the safeguarding, protection, conservation, management, and promotion of cultural heritage through specific agreements and conventions. It has also participated in several calls for access to European funds for projects to protect, conserve, and improve use and promotion of cultural heritage.

The Directorate coordinated a series of International Training Projects, a high-level training offering run by the institutes of the Ministry dealing with research, higher education, and cataloguing addressed to requesting countries; it also coordinated the pilot project co-financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation directed at the countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).