Last updated: 15/04/24

Cultural Heritage Education is a prominent area in the range of activities run by the Directorate.

In implementing article 9 of the Constitution, the Directorate promotes knowledge of cultural heritage and its civic function, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Each year, it prepares the National Plan for Cultural Heritage Education, taking care of the execution, review, and assessment of planned actions.

Through the Centre for educational services (SED), it coordinates the national network of MiC educational services and fosters participation and increased accessibility to cultural heritage.

The SED, as an outcome of the conference Italy Europe. New challenges for Cultural Heritage Education (Rome, 21 and 21 June 2019), produced the document Notes for cultural heritage education, which provides the fundamentals of what makes cultural heritage education recognisable and sustainable, and what qualifies as cultural heritage education.

Sul ruolo dell’educazione al patrimonio culturale nel contrastare la povertà educativa, il Sed ha elaborato nel 2022 il documento di indirizzo Childhood and adolescence: notes for a widespread education, towards a community heritage.

Useful Documents

Childhood and adolescence: notes for widespread education. Working toward community heritage (2022)

Notes for cultural heritage education (2019)

Three-year arts plan 2020-2022 (DPCM dated 12 May 2021)