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National Editions respond to the fundamental scholarly need to ensure the safeguarding, promotion, and enjoyment of literary heritage and thought constituted by writings by our authors. These initiatives ensure the publication of an author’s complete works (or, in some cases, the main works of a group of authors) in editions based on recognition and critical transcription of all manuscripts. They offer all the texts – published and unpublished – of an author, clarifying, using every possible documentation, his or her history and education.

National Editions, to which the Ministry offers recognition and support, are assigned, by decree of the Ministry of Culture, after consultation with the Council of national committees and national editions, a scientific Commission made up of scholars of specific expertise that follow their development, from both scholarly and operational perspectives. The Commission sets the criteria for publication, identifies contributors to prepare the volumes, gives clearance for sending the volumes to press, and reports to the Minister on its work with special annual reports

The Council of National Committees and National editions: establishment and admission to grants for National Editions

FAQ National Editions

The logo to be used for Editions receiving grants with the specification that “This edition was made possible by a grant awarded by the Directorate General for Education, Research, and Cultural Institutes of the Ministry of Culture” is the following: Directorate General for Education, Research, and Cultural Institutes logo (the new logo will be available in formats that will be communicated)


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DG-ERIC Circular dated 28 February 2022, n.5  (repealed and replaced by the DGERIC circular n.5/2023)

DG-ERIC Circular dated 25 February 2021, n.6 (repealed and replaced by the DGERIC circular n.5/2022)

Useful Documents

Opinion VII Senate Standing Committee (14 December 2021)

Opinion VII Commission of the Chamber of Deputies (9 December 2021)

Opinion VII Commission of the Chamber of Deputies (18 February 2021)

Opinion VII Senate Standing Committee (10 February 2021)

Dossier n.352 of the Study Section of the Senate of the Republic (List of proposed establishment and financing of national committees and National editions for the year 2020 Government Act 239)


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