The first episode of "Officina heritage" airs on RAI Storia

Publication date: 15/09/23

Last updated: 22/09/23

Immagine contente il titolo e logo della trasmissione "Officina patrimonio"

Culture and heritage 'at stake'. Within museums, archives, libraries, archaeological areas, superintendencies and historic buildings in the Italian regions, the state educational services involve the youngest through workshops, experiences and narratives.

This is "Officina heritage", the new program that aims to bring young people closer to the Italian cultural heritage, created by Rai Cultura and the General Directorate for Education, Research and Cultural Institutes of the Ministry of Culture, broadcast from Monday 18 September at 10.40pm for the first time on Rai Storia (and repeat: Tuesday 19 September at 11.30am, Wednesday 20 September at 08.15am and Friday 22 September at 4.45pm on Rai Storia).

A dynamic workshop that encourages participation and inclusion, which leads to the development of new knowledge and skills, which helps to recognize cultural heritage as a common heritage, as a the legacy that belongs to us, to be safeguarded, to be passed on to new generations, to the future.

The program

Four events dedicated respectively to memory, discovery, adventure and encounter in which we will see the citizens of tomorrow committed to interpreting, exploring, reconstructing the traces of the past, making the value of traditions current and considering cultural dialogue as a fundamental basis for civil coexistence and the growth of territories.

The first episode of “Officina heritage” – Memoria, will stop in Rome at National Roman Museum, Celano at Castello Piccolomini, Prato all'State Archive at Palazzo Datini and Turin at Palazzo Reale. Memory is an identity value linked to different cultural contexts and the basis of all historical and ethical knowledge. Reviving lost memories, telling the stories of those who lived before us and shaped the material and immaterial imprint of history and heritage itself, helps us understand the past and reinterpret the present.

In this episode the concept of memory crosses time. From the memory of the ancients that emerges from Latin epigraphs, to the memory of a landscape that no longer exists like that of Lake Fucino. We then move on to archival documents to show what the writing of medieval merchants was like. And finally we talk about the memory of rights, individual and collective, political and civil, laboriously conquered and recalled in a journey that starts from monarchical absolutism, passes from the Albertine Statute and arrives at the Italian Constitution.

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