Musei in Corso IV "Sustainable strategies for integrated valorisation models. Network for italian museums"

Logo iniziativa formativa "Musei in corso" progetto di informazione e formazione per il Sistema Museale Nazionale

Course description

As part of the fourth edition of the Musei in Corso project, the General Directorate of Museums, in collaboration with the General Directorate for Education, Research and Cultural Institutes and the Foundation School of cultural heritage and activities, organize a course of five webinars called Sustainable strategies for integrated valorisation models. Network for italian museums, reserved for MiC staff.

The training course is focused on sustainable strategies to implement activities of enhancement and on the launch of network processes aimed at achieving the standards set by the National Museum System, through the implementation of innovative forms of governance and the sharing of skills.

Webinar topics

  1. The National Museum System and network processes (9 April, 2024)
  2. The governance and its legal references. Legal context, partnership and relations with the territory, sustainability (23 April, 2024)
  3. The work of the Networks and Systems Commission. National and International Benchmarking (7 May, 2024)
  4. Institutions, professionals and citizenship: the work of the Antenne Regionali (21 May, 2024)
  5. Models of sustainbility: an italian network example (4 June, 2024)

Enrolment and use

Registrations are open from 7 to 27 March 2024 only on MiC's Portal of Courses. The access to the authorization procedure is possible until 2 April 2024 on MiC's Portal.

I webinar saranno fruibili dal 9 aprile al 4 giugno 2024 in modalità sincrona (in diretta) e, successivamente, in on demand (on demand), secondo il calendario riportato in circolare, sulla Piattaforma FAD della Fondazione Scuola dei beni e delle attività culturali.